Review of Records

All students enrolled at Findlay on Nov. 19, 1974, or later have the right to inspect and review official records, files, and data related to them and to deny access by others without written consent of the student, except under limited and specific circumstances.

Students may not have access to confidential letters and recommendations placed in their files prior to Jan. 1, 1985, since many of those letters were written by individuals who were not aware that the confidentiality of their statements could be questioned. Students may waive rights to access future confidential recommendations in the areas of admission and job placement.

By submitting a letter of application to the vice president of student affairs, a student may 1) inspect and review his or her records, 2) petition for a hearing to challenge content, and 3) petition to correct and delete inaccuracies or otherwise inappropriate data. No part of any record may be inspected by the student without the express written consent of the vice president of student affairs. Permission will be granted within a reasonable time and in no case more than forty-five (45) days from the date of the receipt of a written request for inspection. If there is a conflict regarding the date, a hearing will be established by the vice president of student affairs. The author of the data and the student will be present at the hearing if possible. If a resolution cannot be reached, the vice president of student affairs will refer academic matters to the Student Academic Standards Committee and nonacademic matters to an ad hoc committee for consideration. A copy of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) may be requested from the Division of Student Affairs.