MBA 645 Advanced Operations in the Resort and Lodging Industry

This course focuses on the essential elements of the resort and lodging industry - recreational facilities, lodging/food and beverage and guest activities. The course further explores the relationship between the natural resource base and the development of recreational facilities; discusses the operational and logistical challenges that resort and lodging managers face and demonstrates the development of revenue-producing, guest-satisfying activities based on demographic and psychographic factors. While this course comes from a business viewpoint, it takes into account the unique structure of resorts. Resort managers in ski areas, for example, should know something about the mountain on which their resort depends. They should know the process by which a virgin mountain is transformed into a viable ski area. They need to be aware of how to determine the capacity of the mountain. These managers are not developers and planners; however, they do need to know enough about planning and development to communicate effectively with these specialists. In no other service industry can a group of like-minded individuals have such a profound impact on the physical and emotional wellbeing of their customers. The challenges for the resort and lodging industry are to consistently deliver these experiences at a level beyond guest expectations.