MBA 646 Seminar in Food and Beverage Systems Management

The variables that set apart the food-service segments are unique. Profitability for each type of food-service entity requires a detailed analysis and pre-emptive understanding of the key elements of food and beverage management systems. With competition keen, it becomes essential to price your product and services in a myriad of competitive and seasonal environments, so that financial objectives are met. Upper management is faced with the ever-emerging challenge to maintain quality, in a difficult labor market, with heightened competition at almost every turn. This seminar course is designed to discuss, enhance and foster a climate of flexibility and change consistent with corporate goals and objectives in the food and beverage industry. Case analysis along with topical discussions and project-centered activities will enhance the students' learning experience. This capstone course examines organizational strategy formation, planning and implementation in the public sector environment. Emphasis is placed upon a consideration of leadership, communication and managerial strategies appropriate for public sector organizations. Students will prepare a final paper and make a presentation of the paper's findings.