MBA 647 Travel and Tourism Development and Planning

Tourism development must be guided by carefully planned policy, a policy not built on balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements alone, but on the ideals and principles of human welfare and happiness. Social problems cannot be solved without a strong and growing economy that tourism can help to create. Sound development policy can have a synergistic and positive result of growing tourist business and the preservation of the natural and cultural resources that attract visitors. Viewed comprehensively, the relationship between tourism and communities, states, regions and countries requires consideration of many difficult issues: the quality of architecture, landscape and environmental design; environmental reclamation and amenity; natural conservation; land-use management; financial strategies for long-term economic development; employment; transportation; energy conservation; education, information and interpretation systems and more. These are the reasons sound tourism planning is essential. Planning can ensure that tourism development has the ability to realize the advantages of tourism and reduce the disadvantages.