Administrative Staff

Kelly Anderson, Director, Annual Giving

Alex Augsburger, Technical Support Services Specialist

Paula R. Babcock, B.A., Prospect Research Coordinator

Steven Baum, Captain, Safety and Security

Brittany Beltz, Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Stewardship Manager

Dominic Bentz, .Net Web Developer

Andrea Blankemeyer, Marketing Specialist for the Colleges of Education, Sciences, and Pharmacy

Jacob Bowman, Farm Business Manager

Clark R. Bradley, Coordinator of Student Activities and Trainer in Western Riding

Shelley Brian, Human Resource Specialist

Shari Buis, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Michael Burrier, Systems Administrator

Seth Butler, Director, Intercultural Student Services

Jay Canterbury, University Stores Manager

Chad Chudzinski, M.F.A., Curator, Mazza Museum

Steve Clymer, Academic Technologist

Lori Colchagoff, M.A., Experiential Educator Specialist, College of Pharmacy

Kevin Collert, B.F.A., Creative Design Coordinator

David Copus, Project Manager, The All Hazards Training Center

Bryan Crissman, B.A., Systems Engineer

Carla L. Dee, A.A., Administrative Manager, The All Hazards Training Center

Jennifer Dempster, B.S., Associate Registrar

Amy DePuy, B.A., Marketing Specialist to the Deans of the Colleges of Education and Sciences

Andrew Dillon, Technical Support Services Specialist

Elizabeth B. Ditto, Executive Administrative Assistant to the President

Andrew J. du Fresne, UF TV Manager

Richard Dukes, Assistant Director for Event Technology

Jennifer Dykes, Director of Advancement Services

David Emsweller, M.A., Vice President, Student Affairs

Dane M. Erford, M.B.A., Assistant Treasurer, Business Office

Pilar Espinosa, Manager of Transfer and Online Degree Completion Admissions

Amber Feehan, Graduate Admissions Counselor

Johnathan Ferraro, Assistant Dean of Students

Katherine Rowe Fell, Ph.D., President

Darin E. Fields, Ph.D., Vice President, Academic Affairs

Jodi Firsdon, Assistant Director, Counseling Services

Natalie Jean Fittro, A.A., Administrative Assistant to the Dean, College of Business

Christopher Fowler, Associate Director, Financial Aid

Dawn Franks, M.A., Assistant Registrar

Jeffrey Frye, Ph.D., Dean, College of Sciences

Karen George, Director, Corporate Engagement and Individual Giving

Tony G. Goedde, M.A., Registrar; Director, Institutional Research

Daniel Haas, UIS Director

Bradley Hammer, B.A., Director, Center for Career & Professional Development

Christina Harvitt, B.A., Technical Support Services Specialist

Greg F. Hass, D.V.M., Staff Veterinarian

Brandon Heidepriem, Web and Client Services Director

Michelle Heidepriem, Programmer Analyst

Shari Hellman, Director, Housing

Kim Henley, Assistant Director, Human Resources

Richard W. Henninger, D.V.M., Staff Veterinarian

Sara A. Hingson, M.A., Director, Accreditation and External Academic Affairs

Margaret Hirschy, College Librarian for Education and Winebrenner

Patricia Holcomb, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, College of Education

Keaton Hughes, B.S., Coordinator, Academic Labs, Classroom, and Services

Melissa Jack, Nurse, Cosiano Health Center

Rebecca Jenkins, M.B.A., Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management and Marketing

William Johnston, Director, Orientation and Student Persistence

Orion Jones, Associate Director, Physical Plant

Shawn Jordan, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Arataenrique Kaku, Staff Accompanist, Music Libraries Manager

John W. Kayser, Operations Manager, The All Hazards Training Center

Scott Kidd, B.S, Blackboard Administrator

Kyle Kitchen, Technical Support Services Specialist

Julia Klingler, Director, The Wolfe Center for Alumni & Parents

Carolyn Kraut, Online Instructional Designer

Marcia Sloan Latta, Ed.D., Vice President, University Advancement

Thomas Lause, Vice President, Business Affairs

Lori Law, Textbook Manager

Connie Leatherman, Director, Field Experience-College of Education

Robert Link, Director, Human Resources

Patrick Malone, Pharm.D., Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy

Angela Marshall, Housekeeping Coordinator

Irene Martin, Graphic Designer

Raymond McCandless, D.A., Vice President, Information Technology Services

Julie McClintock, Assistant Manager, Accounts Receivable

Jeffrey McGuire, Executive Director, The All Hazards Training Center

Julie Dean McIntosh, Ed.D., Dean, College of Education

Kenneth McIntyre, Director of Gift Planning

Kelly Mehallow, M.A.L.S., Co-Barn Manager, Child Equestrian Complex

Michelle Metcalf, Executive Administrative Assistant for the Vice President for Enrollment Management

Skylar Mettert, B.S., Director for Equity and Title IX

Glenn A. Miehls, M.B.A., Director, Academic Advising

Ashley Miklovic, Graduate Admissions Counselor

Ronda Morris, Training Manual Coordinator-The All Hazards Training Center

Dan Moyer, Share Point Developer

Kyle Niermann, Director, Athletic Communication

Aaron Osborne, B.A., Senior Media Technology Specialist

C. Damon Osborne, Interim Dean, College of Business; Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Debra Parker, Pharm.D., Dean, College of Pharmacy

Josiah Parkhurst, Assistant Director of Campus Ministries

Joseph Payton, III, Co-Barn Manager

Sothea Phon, Director, Medication Therapy Management and Telehealth Center

Tyson Pinion, Associate Vice President, Development

Jeremy Pittman, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Stacy Poca, Leadership Gift Officer

Eric Prigge, Leadership Gift Officer

Rebecca Quintus, College Librarian for Health Professions, Pharmacy, and Sciences

Ryan Rashidi, Pharmacy Fellowship in Population Health

James Rhiel, Technology Support Services Specialist

Nathaniel Rice, Systems Engineer

Heather Riffle, M.B.A., Director of Graduate Operations; Coordinator of Online Delivery & IRB Research Officer

David Rippetpe, Pharmacy Fellowship in Population Health

Beverly Roth, B.A., Director, Facilities Scheduling and Events

Eileen Rucki, Director, International Education

Elizabeth Sabel, Assistant Dean, Student Success

Paula Sadler, A.A., Administration Assistant to the Dean, College of Health Professions

Benjamin Sapp, M.A., Director, Mazza Museum

Renee Schafer, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Nicole Schneider, Director of Accommodation and Inclusion

Natalie Schroeder, Nurse, Cosiano Health Center

Megan Schulte, Controller, Business Office

Anthony Silecchia, Registrar for Workday Student

Chris Sippel, M.A., Associate Vice President, International, Intercultural, and Service Engagement

Kevin E. Smith, Director of Program Development, The All Hazards Training Center

Lisa Snyder, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Joseph Spencer, M.A., Director, Financial Aid

Deanna M. Spraw, M.A., Assistant Director, Admissions

William H. Spraw, M.S., Chief, Police and Security

Emily Stacy, Executive Administration Assistant, Vice President of Business Affairs

Richard States, D.H.Sc., Dean, College of Health Professions

Jacolyn Stephenson, M.A., Director, Academic Support Center

Beth Stewart, M.A., Academic Technology Specialist, Program Manager

Carol Stitt, Co-Barn Manager, Center for Equine and Pre-veterinary Studies

Cindy Strathman, Professional Development Counselor, Center for Career and Professional Development

Michael Stump, M.D., Head Team Physician; Cosiano Health Center Physician

Janet R. Mrvosh Taylor, M.Ed., Director, Career Planning; Instructor of Academic Support and University-Wide Courses

Erin M. Thompson, Executive Administrative Assistant, University Advancement

Tara Travis, Assistant Director, Health Services

Ronald Tulley, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Kelly M. Vackert, ITS Budget and Assets Manager

Tricia Valasek, M.P.H., Grants Manager

Deb VanAtta, Assistant Director, International Admissions and Services; SEVIS Coordinator

Kelli Wages, B.S., Assistant Director, International Admissions and Immigration

Ben E. Walton, B.A., Media Technology Specialist

Charles Webb, B.S., Enrollment Marketing Coordinator

Brenda Weber, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President, Student Affairs

Crystal Weitz, Director, Service and Community Engagement

Anne Wells, B.S., Director, Finance and Business Planning

Sharinda Welton, Director, Student Activities, Commuter Services, and Leadership Development

Tony Wenzinger, B.A., Director, Print and Postal Services

Linda Werst, A.A., Co-Barn Manager, Center for Equestrian and Pre-Veterinary Studies

Karyn Westrick, M.A., Director of Counseling Services

Brian Whitener, B.S., Programmer Analyst and Reporting Specialist

Andrew Whitis, M.L.I.S., University Librarian and College Librarian for Business

Mark Willeke, Licensure Officer/OAE Coordinator

Leigh Zydonik, Executive Director, Center of Civic Engagement