An Introduction to the University of Findlay

Presidents/Chief Administrators of The University of Findlay: 1884-present

Rev. John R. H. Latchaw 1884-1893
Rev. William N. Yates 1893-1895
Charles T. Fox (Acting) 1895-1896
Rev. Charles Manchester 1896-1904
Rev. C.I. Brown (A.M.) 1904-1913
Rev. William Harris Guyer (A.M.) 1913-1926
Harvey L. Allen (A.M.) 1926-1929
Homer R. Dunathan (M.A.) (1943-1946, on leave) 1929-1946
Carroll A. Morey (M.A.) (Acting) 1943-1947
H. Clifford Fox (Ph.D.) 1947-1959
Ollie J. Wilson (Ed.D.) 1959-1963
Ivan E. Frick (Ph.D.) 1964-1971
Louis F. Chenette (Ph.D.) (Acting) 1971-1972
Glen R. Rasmussen (Ph.D.) 1972-1983
Kenneth E. Zirkle (Ed.D.) 1983-2003
DeBow Freed (Ph.D.) 2003-2010
Katherine Rowe Fell (Ph.D.) 2010-