Intercultural Student Services

The Office of Intercultural Student Services' mission is to foster an inclusive and welcoming campus environment that respects and acknowledges diversity in all of its forms. The office provides advocacy, support services, and culturally based programs to help increase multicultural competence and to educate the University’s student body on the value of diversity. The office is committed to enriching the overall quality of life for undergraduate students by cultivating their personal and academic achievement, leadership, social development, and civic engagement. The purpose of the Intercultural Student Services (I.S.S.) is to serve as a voice and an advocate for students of color and other under-represented populations, be a resource to the University community members who are seeking assistance promoting cultural awareness/understanding and to actively collaborate with faculty and staff in an effort to recruit and retain students of color.

Buford Intercultural Student Services Center

The purpose of the Intercultural Center is to support the mission of the Office of Intercultural Student Services, which is to foster an inclusive and welcoming campus environment that respects and acknowledges diversity in all of its forms. The Intercultural Center will continue to enhance recruitment and retention efforts; guide, nurture, and support multiculturalism on campus; and promote academic and social growth for under-represented populations on campus. One of the goals is to offer a variety of co-curricular activities throughout the year which will increase cultural sensitivity and awareness as well as affirm and celebrate diversity. The Buford Intercultural Student Services Center is located at 1222 North Cory Street.

The Black Student Union (BSU)

The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for students to engage in experiences of African-American culture, foster relationships and network with other students on campus. Although the focus of the organization is on African-American culture, the organization is inclusive and welcomes all students no matter what race, color, ethnicity, creed, religion, or sexual orientation. The organization provides opportunities for the campus community to participate in social, cultural, and educational programs. These programs include activities such as cultural films, visits to museums, fashion shows, alternative spring break trips, soul food dinners, and other special campus events. The Black Student Union (BSU) is a family-oriented, student organization characterized by strength, leadership, and unity with the goal of creating camaraderie among all students.

The University of Findlay Anointed Worship Gospel Choir (UFAW)

The UFAW gospel choir provides an avenue for students to exercise their talent and desire to give praise and glory to Jesus Christ through the singing of Gospel music. The choir enjoys learning and performing a variety of contemporary gospel music, with messages of uplifting power and salvation. For many students, the Gospel Choir allows them to continue the service they began at their local communities and churches. For others, it is a new experience that results in a new, exciting journey with the Lord.

Students Embracing Educational Experiences in Diversity (SEEED)

The purpose of SEEED is to provide a community of students that fosters and supports diversity. The aims of this community are:

  • To educate others about both diversity and the appreciation of the various forms of diversity;
  • To unify and connect students on campus;
  • For its members to recognize the importance of diversity and to work together to provide opportunities for campus to get involved;
  • To develop concrete ways to support and embrace diversity on campus;
  • Provide opportunities for different cultures to engage in dialogue and interaction.

Contact Information

The Office of Intercultural Student Services is located on the second floor of the Buford Intercultural Student Services Center at 1222 North Cory Street. Additional information about the I.S.S. can be found at (Keyword: Intercultural), by e-mailing, or by calling 419-434-6967.