Due to potential fire hazards, maintenance issues, and cleanliness concerns, the University of Findlay reserves the right to prohibit any appliance that constitutes a potential risk. As a fire safety precaution, all small appliances (e.g., curling irons, hair dryers…) must have an auto shutoff feature and be connected to UL-approved power strips to stop the flow of electricity when overloaded.

On-campus residents living in University owned housing are permitted to have small refrigerators (6.0 cubic feet maximum) and small microwave ovens (under 800 watts), and coffee-makers with an auto-shut off feature. All other kitchen appliances (e.g., toasters, George Foreman grills, crock pots, induction plates…) are not permitted outside of designated kitchens in house/apartment style housing. More information on permitted appliances is available through the housing webpage or the Office of Student Affairs.