ENGL 106 College Writing II: Academic Writing and Research

This course introduces students to writing processes and prose conventions common to many academic disciplines, and it provides opportunities for students to participate in one or more of the ongoing conversations in particular communities of writers. The course emphasizes analytic and persuasive writing based on critical reading of nonfiction prose from both primary sources (such as interviews, surveys, archival research, etc.) and secondary sources including articles/texts found in scholarly databases. In addition, non-print texts may be examined and/or composed. Two systems of formal documentation, MLA and APA, are covered. Grades assigned for this course include the 12-point grading scale and the additions of an "NC" and "P" grades. "NC" stands for no credit and doesn't affect the GPA. "P" stands for passing and is only given to qualifying non-native speakers.




ENGL 104 or ENGL 105 or placement by the English Writing Program Director and reading competency (ACT reading score of 21 or higher on the most recent test results; SAT verbal score of 540 or higher on the most recent test results). International students are required at minimum to have a 100 on the IBT TOEFL or an 8.0 on the reading IELTS score.