MTCC 461 Laboratory Operations I

Lectures and demonstration are used to present basic laboratory principles of venipuncture. The student will learn to effectively obtain blood specimens using various methods. Knowledge and understanding of medical terminology and jargon is a necessary part of effective communication skills. Self-instructional textbook assignments, a written exam, and day-to-day exposure during lab activities enable the student to develop these skills. Lectures and reading assignments cover the basic principles of management and supervision. In order to demonstrate the practical application of basic principles as they apply to laboratory management, the student is required to complete a capstone project. Upon completion of the lectures, exams, and laboratory exercises, the student will explain the principles of management. The student will describe the most effective way for obtaining blood specimens from a patient.




Enrolled as a medical laboratory science major, senior status, meet all degree requirements other than those courses that are a portion of the professional-year program