Catherine Achord Spanish Scholarship
Active Christian Emissary (ACE) Scholarship
Barry Alexander Memorial Theatre Scholarship
Dr. Micheal F. and Denise K. (Reno) Vocal Music/Musical Theatre Scholarship
Dr. Micheal F. Anders Vocal Music Scholarship
Gertrude O. Anderson Scholarship
Russel and Peg Armstrong Business Scholarship
Lorene King Ashby Scholarship
Leslie ’35 and Eva (Royer ’34) Baker Scholarship
Ballinger Industries Inc. Scholarship
Wayne E. Baltzell Hospitality Scholarship
Dr. Marian R. Bartch ’49 Scholarship
William A. Barton Scholarship
Mabel C. Bauer Scholarship
William W. Beall Golf Scholarship
James L. and Marveline Beeson Scholarship
Jackson E. Betts Scholarship
Norma Dirmeyer Bibler Scholarship
Jonathan Binder ’11 Scholarship
Janice and Dennis Bishop Scholarship
Dr. Wilfred W. Black History Scholarship
George and Elaine Blackburn Scholarship
Ann E. Bonifas Memorial Scholarship
Catharine M. Bowen Scholarship
Robert W. Brennen Western Equestrian Scholarship
Robert T. Bradley Memorial Scholarship
Mrs. C. I. Brown Scholarship
Dr. Kenneth J. Buchenroth Scholarship
Buckeye Western Horse Association Scholarship
Desmond V. Buford “One World, One People, One Race” Memorial Scholarship
Richard L. Bundy Sr. and Geneva J. (Keck) Bundy Equestrian Scholarship
Bundy-Keck Scholarship
Lora Wiest Burgderfer Scholarship
Arden H. and Dorothy L. Burgoon Scholarship
Jane Eoff Burson Scholarship
Allison Busch ’09 Western Equestrian Scholarship
Business Affairs Scholarship
William J. Butler Scholarship
Ronald C. Cable ’64 Instrumental Music Scholarship
Ida Fern Wayne ’29 and Albert Castile Religious Studies Scholarship
A.R. and Mary Ann Charnes Student Life Endowment
R. M. Churchwell Memorial Scholarship
John and Marge Cindric Scholarship
Caleb T. Clark Scholarship
Class of ’39 Scholarship
Class of ’42 Scholarship
Class of ’43 Scholarship
Class of ’44 Scholarship
Class of ‘59 Scholarship
Class of ’60 Scholarship
Class of ’62 Scholarship
Class of ’64 Scholarship
Clauss Varsity Athletic Scholarship
Allen Clopper Scholarship
Betty Caskey Clopper Scholarship
College First Church of God Scholarship
Gerald R. and Florence G. Collins Graduate Assistantship Fund
Travis ’99 and Amanda ’99 Comer Operating Scholarship
Computer Science ACM Horizons Award
Richard W. Corner Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Frank R. and Mary Jane Cosiano Scholarship
Richard Lee Couchot Football Scholarship
George E. Countryman Scholarship
Gary Lee Cramer II Endowed Scholarship
Richard “Dick” Crawfis ’53 Scholarship
Edward and Mary Crosby Scholarship
George and Nellie Crosby Scholarship
Harold and Lucille Crosby Scholarship
Philip B. and Peggy Crosby Scholarship
Richard L. ’69 and Linda Crowder Scholarship
Kenneth B. Cummins Mathematics Scholarship
Curtain Raisers Society Performing Arts Scholarship
Evelyn M. Damon ’27 Scholarship
Dana Endowed Fund
Charles D. ’97 and Darla E. Lammers, D.C. Daniels Scholarship
Elsie Mae ’46 Daubert Memorial Scholarship
John R. ’53 and Jo Ann (H ’00) Davidson Scholarship
Kent Davis/Dow USA Science Scholarship
Richard E. and Jean K. Davis Scholarship
DeLong Oiler Promise Scholarship
Dietsch Family Scholarship
Michael B. and Sara F. ’54 Dolmayer Western Equestrian Scholarship
Thomas B. Donnell Business Leadership Award
Dressage Scholarship
Fred and Dorothy Dressler-Gatchel Scholarship
Dumbauld Memorial Scholarship
F.O. Eakin Family Scholarship
Ralph H. ’42 and Betty B. ’39 Edie Scholarship
Ruth Corwin Endly Scholarship
Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Scholarship
John and Frances Eoff Scholarship
Nancy Erme Scholarship
David J. Faiella Sports Information Scholarship
Grace Leonard ’36 Farrell and Christina Taylor Florence ’94 Scholarship
Sgt. Robin Vincent Fell Scholarship
Ferguson Farm Inc. Equestrian and Pre-Veterinary Scholarship
Filtech Inc. Scholarship
John and Margaret Firmin Scholarship
Susan E. Ford Scholarship
Doyne Frommer Scholarship
GAR Foundation Scholarship
Philip D. Gardner Football Scholarship
Betty and Bob Gephart Scholarship
Gift of Hope Hispanic Scholarship
Emma May Gray ’66 Scholarship
Great Lakes Conference Churches of God Scholarship
Greenwood-Ehr Prize in Communication
John W. ’14 and Hester (Powell ’19) Grimm Business Scholarship
John W. ’14 and Hester (Powell ’19) Grimm Education Scholarship
Grob Systems Inc. Scholarship
Ralph W. Gunnett Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Shiv K. Gupta Business Scholarship
Tennyson Guyer Memorial Fund
Hancock-Wood Electric Operating
Harada Seeds for Growth Scholarship
Dr. John “Jack” Harrington Scholarship
Elizabeth (Betty Johnson) Harriss ’69 Scholarship
HeartLight Pharmacy Services Operating Scholarship
James “Jim” Heck Scholarship
Bernice M. Hellings Scholarship
Barbara Rieck Heminger Scholarship
I.N. Heminger Scholarship
Donald W. Hennigs Memorial Vocal Music Scholarship
Heritage Scholarship for African-American Students
Donald C. Higgins Scholarship
William and Lucye Hoopes Scholarship
Horse Club, The University of Findlay Scholarship
Hospitality Management Scholarship
Dr. James D. ’53 and Mira M. (Frost ’78) Houdeshell Scholarship
John L. Houston ’42 Scholarship
O. J. and Georgia Huffman Scholarship
John C. and Audrice M. Hutson Scholarship
Nellie Fox Hutson Scholarship
Pam Hyland Scholarship
International Center Endowed Scholarship
Charles A. Jackson Scholarship
Dana R. Jackson, R.Ph., C.Ph., Scholarship
Janet R. January ’64 Scholarship
Jeffire Wrestling Scholarship
William J. Jutte Memorial Scholarship
Royal and Rosamond Kear Scholarship
Keck Family Memorial Scholarship
Mildred (Kinsinger ’29) Kelly Scholarship
Harry M. Kirk Memorial Scholarship
Harry M. and Mary (Snyder) Kirk Vocal Music Scholarship
Steven J. Klein ’95 Memorial Pre-Veterinary Scholarship
Donald Knepper Scholarship
Austin E. Knowlton Memorial Scholarship
Koehler Equestrian Scholarship
James C. and Bonnie L. Koehler Scholarship
Worth H. Kramer Scholarship
Frederick Kremer Jr. Scholarship
Gwen L. Kuenzli Scholarship
Kuenzli/Harada International Student Award
Ralph L. Kuss Scholarship
Edward Lamb Foundation Equestrian Scholarship
George R. Lanagan Sr. Scholarship
P. Michael Lancaster ’83 Memorial Scholarship
Leon Charles Lantz Scholarship
Martha Draper Lape Scholarship
Stella LaRue Scholarship
Dudley Laser ’23 and Mary (Marks ’17) Lea Scholarship
Ralph Marlow Line Scholarship
Shirley M. Lloyd Scholarship
Lorain Bilingual Scholarship Fund
Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Merit Scholarship
Patricia A. March Scholarship
Josephine Marshall ’23 Scholarship
Mathematics Horizons Award
Howard and Carolyn Marvin Scholarship
Vicki (M ’05) and Phil McClurkin Theatre Scholarship
Mary Alice (Foster ’35) McDaniel Scholarship
Larry ’63 and Ruth McDougle Scholarship
Marjorie M. McGranahan, Mildred F. McGranahan-Shafer Van Dorn McGranahan Scholarship
Meiring-Peck Scholarship
J. Paul Mellot Instrumental Music Scholarship
Carl Meyer ’63 Scholarship
Larry and Joann M. Miles Scholarship
Dwight ’73 Miller and Alice Miller Scholarship
Hazel and Bert Miller Business Scholarship
Sharon G. Milligan-Lois Annabelle Foltz-Milligan Memorial Scholarship
Gussie Moffitt Endowment
Keith ’67 and Joyce Mohr Scholarship
Marvin “Monty” Monroe ’42 Scholarship
Robert J. and Janice L. Montague Service Scholarship
Dean Carroll A. Morey Children of Alumni Scholarship
Byron E. “By” Morgan Jr. Scholarship
David L. ’67 Morris and Edith J. Morris Scholarship
Jessica and James Moses Business Scholarship
Geraldine Moss Scholarship
Dr. Wendell W. Moyer Scholarship
Multicultural Master’s Degree Scholarship
Michael W. Murphy Scholarship
John R. and Barbara F. Murray Award
Timothy H. ’77 and Melinda K. Nesler Scholarship
G. N. Nicholson Scholarship
William Max and Barbara Ann Nonnamaker Scholarship
William and Marilyn Nonnamaker Scholarship
Dr. Herbert O. and Mrs. Helen (Alexander) Now Scholarship
Nuclear Medicine Institute Scholarship
Dr. Jean C. Nye Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Jean C. Nye Music Scholarship
Dr. Jean C. Nye Spanish Scholarship
Office of Development Educational Assistance Scholarship
Ohio Environmental Service Industries (OESI) Operating Scholarship
Florence F. Overmire Scholarship
Owens Illinois Plastic Products Division Scholarship
Garver Oxley Memorial Scholarship
C. Paul Palmer Scholarship
Margaret and Paul Palmer Family Scholarship
Thomas M. Pees Memorial Scholarship
Emerson and Laura Pelton Scholarship
Jeremy L. Pemberton ’96 Scholarship
Minnie Perkins-Basar Memorial Music Scholarship
Lucinda V. Peters Scholarship
Robert W. Peters Endowed Fund
Pharmacy Camp Scholarship
Pharmacists Mutual Operating Scholarship
PharmaLogic Operating Scholarship
Physical Plan Endowed Book Fund
Tony Pitts Football Scholarship
James I. Poole ’33 Scholarship
Robert M. and Catherine M. Pritts Scholarship
EJ and Mildred Rader Scholarship
Katharine Ballard Reed Memorial Scholarship
Mary Reick Endowment Fund
Helen O. Reimund Scholarship
Samuel F. Reist Scholarship
Don and Nellie Renninger Scholarship
James R. Rettig Sr. Scholarship
Nellie Ritz Scholarship
Ritz Memorial Scholarship
Jean Keneagy Rivera Scholarship
Dr. Patrick W. Rooney Scholarship
Ann and L. Jack Ruscilli Football Scholarship
Bob and Jeanne ’89 Rustic Scholarship
Betty and Russel Ruths Memorial Scholarship
Majors James A. and Joan E. Sayer Service Scholarship
James M. Schmidt Math Scholarship
John and Frances (Crosby) Schott Scholarship
Jeffrey R. Seever ’76 Scholarship
Charles Sheets Western Equestrian Scholarship
Six Disciplines Entrepreneurial Excellence Scholarship
Kristen L. Slater Outstanding Western Equestrian Student Award
Jesse Snavely Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Charles H. Spragg Golf Scholarship
Donald W. Stansloski and Patricia Romans Scholarship
Dr. Edward S. Stefan Scholarship
Dr. David L. Steiner Equestrian and Pre-Veterinary Scholarship
Stevenson-Phillips Operating Scholarship
Roberta Stober Instrumental Music Scholarship
Stober Endowed Book Fund
Glenn and Helen Stout Scholarship
Dick Strahm Scholarship
Student Involvement Scholarship
Janet Maule Swartz Scholarship
Marie G. Sweitzer Scholarship
Jack and Patricia Taylor Instrumental Music Scholarship
Sheldon ’36 and Florence (Kling) Taylor Memorial Scholarship
Technology Management Scholarship
Terhark Family Scholarship
Maurice and Reva (Staley ’36) Terry Scholarship
Eric R. Theis Nuclear Medicine Institute Operating Scholarship
Theta Chi Fraternity Scholarship
Theta Chi Century Club Operating Scholarship
James L. Thomas Memorial Scholarship
Garnet Thompson Memorial Scholarship
Jane J. Tille ’57 Scholarship
Town & Campus Operating Scholarship
Town & Campus Scholarship
Tim Trask Scholarship
UF Bookstore Book Fund
Valicor Environmental Services LLC Scholarship
The University of Findlay Athletic Department Golf Program Scholarship
John R. and Marion Van Nice Choral Music Scholarship
John R. and Marion Van Nice Instrumental Music Scholarship
VanSweringen Memorial Fund
Varsity “F” Endowment
David C. Wallach Mathematics Scholarship
Warner-Capra Scholarship
Billy J. ’96 and Brenda Watterson Scholarship
John ’61 and Linda Weaver Business Scholarship
Whirlpool Endowed SIFE Fund
Whirlpool Foundation Scholarship for Women and Minorities
Ralph Whisler Scholarship
Eugene M. and Marjorie L. White Scholarship
Dr. Ann Whithaus Nuclear Medicine Institute Scholarship
Walter L. Whithaus Scholarship
Daniel E. Whitinger Memorial Soccer Scholarship
Richard E. and Barbara A. Wilkin Scholarship
Dale Wilkinson Scholarship
Kenneth Williams ’29 Scholarship
Michael Philip Willis Football Operating Scholarship
Philip S. Willis Scholarship
Josephine A. Wilson ’29 Scholarship
Gene and Alice (Stroude ’28) Winegardner Scholarship
Kyla L. Wisne Memorial Choir Scholarship
Paula and John Wolper Hospitality Management Scholarship
Women’s Christian Service Council Scholarship
James W. ’63 and Karis S. Woodward Female Veterans’ Scholarship
Zahler Family Scholarship
Kenneth E. Zirkle Scholarship Fund

These scholarships are awarded to students who meet special academic or other criteria. The application for these awards is available for a limited time each year in January and/or February. The Office of Financial Aid announces the availability to all students via e-mail, as well as the deadline for submitting the application.