Music (MUSC)

Performing Ensembles
Students of any major may participate in the following vocal and/or instrumental ensembles: MUSC 100 (Marching Band/Pep Band), MUSC 190 (Choir), MUSC 191 (Concert Band), MUSC 192 (Orchestra), MUSC 290 (Jazz Ensemble), MUSC 291 (University Singers). Several performing ensembles carry CORE+ and/or GE status.

Applied Music
Students of any major may enroll in applied music courses: MUSC 183, MUSC 193, MUSC 293, MUSC 393, and MUSC 398. These courses are scheduled on a per-student basis. One half-hour private lesson (per semester hour) per week. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule private music lessons with the instructor by providing a copy of his/her schedule before the end of the first week of the semester. SECTIONS: .01 Voice; .02 Piano; .03 Organ; .04 Trumpet; .05 French Horn; .06 Trombone; .07 Tube/Euphonium; .08 Flute; .09 Clarinet; .10 Saxophone; .11 Oboe; .12 Bassoon; .13 Percussion/Drums; .14 Violin; .15 Viola; .16 Cello; .17 String Bass; .18 Guitar/Electric Bass; .19 Harp; .20 Composition; .21 Special Topics.

Lecture Courses
Students of any major may enroll in the following music lecture courses: MUSC 129, MUSC 200, MUSC 220, MUSC 233, MUSC 234, MUSC 250, and MUSC 270. Most lecture courses carry CORE+ and/or GE status.