Department of Communication

Chair of Communication: Hampton-Farmer

Professor: Montague

Associate Professor: Hampton-Farmer

Assistant Professors: Adams, Medjesky

Instructor: Rogan

A Bachelor of Arts degree is granted for completion of baccalaureate programs in the Department of Communication.

Baccalaureate Programs:

Journalism/Digital Media

Public Relations


Digital Media

Interpersonal Communication

Speech Competency Examination

In order to graduate from The University of Findlay, every student must meet the speech competency requirement. This can be done by successfully passing this exam or earning a grade of “C” or better in either COMM 110 or COMM 211. Advisers are encouraged to enroll students into COMM 110 or COMM 211 as early as possible.

The speech competency examination consists of two-parts: a written test over the basic knowledge that is taught in COMM 110 and a recorded portfolio of three formal presentations to show that the student has mastered the skills of good public speaking. The student must earn a score of 75 percent or higher on the written portion of the exam before being allowed to submit the portfolio.

Restrictions regarding the speech competency examination:

  • Students beyond junior status may not take the exam unless they transferred to The University of Findlay with senior status and it is their first semester at The University of Findlay.
  • The written and portfolio portions of the Speech Competency Examination must be passed during the same semester.
  • The Speech Competency Examination may not be repeated.

The written portion of the Speech Competency Examination is given online during the third week of the fall and spring semesters. This will be the only time during the semester that students may take the exam. Students wishing to take the exam must make arrangements through the Department of Communication’s administrative assistant. There is a $30 fee to take the competency exam.

Passing the speech competency exam does not give the students any credit toward graduation, but it does mean that the student has met the speech competency requirements at The University of Findlay, and, thus, does not have to take COMM 110 or COMM 211 to meet the requirement.