Withdrawal from Selected Courses

Withdrawals made after the first six days but within the first 50 days of a semester are recorded as non-punitive “W” on a transcript. Students may petition for withdrawal after the first 50 days. If the petition is denied and students fail to complete the semester, they will receive “F” grades for unfinished courses. The Student Academic Standards Committee reviews all petitions for withdrawal made after the first 50 days. If a student leaves a course without following withdrawal procedures, he/she automatically receives an “F” grade. (See section on expenses for refund policy.) Courses that meet for only a portion of the semester (e.g., first or second half HPE activities) can be withdrawn from only up to midpoint of the duration of that course.

When a student has violated University rules, regulations, or policies of an academic nature the student will not be permitted to withdraw from the course.