Student Activities Board Office

The Student Activities Board (Office 8A) is a nationally award-winning, dedicated group of student leaders who are committed to providing quality edutainment for the entire University campus. The Student Activities Board is responsible for the “Edutainment Series” that takes place each semester. Throughout the academic year Student Activities Board distributes free AMC movie tickets to the student body and assists in the coordination and hosting of the Music Bach’s Concert series. Each semester, the Monday night of final exams week, the Student Activities Board coordinates and co-hosts Late Night Munchies. The team also hosts the annual Comedy Jam, assists with the T.O.O.L. Leadership Series, and assists in coordinating and co-hosting Absolutely Incredible Kid Day and the annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive and Christmas Party. Student Activities Board represents the University at regional and national arts and entertainment conferences and national leadership conferences through the Association for Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA). Student Activities Board is always accepting new members. For an up-to-date schedule of their meetings and times and to view their up-to-date schedule of events go to Contact information: 419-434-4606.