Campus Compact Center for Service and Learning

Mission and Purpose

The University of Findlay’s Campus Compact Center’s mission is to integrate service within the University to strengthen the larger community. The Campus Compact Center serves as the link between the campus and the community, and as such coordinates volunteer opportunities, co-curricular service-learning opportunities, and academic service-learning courses for students, faculty, staff, and community members. We believe that learning through service will benefit individuals as well as the community in lasting ways. The Campus Compact Center encourages The University of Findlay personnel to “Be the Difference” in each person’s community, as well as The University of Findlay community and the Hancock County community.

Since 1998, The University of Findlay has been a member of the national Campus Compact, an organization of nearly 1,200 colleges and universities, representing some six million students, dedicated to promoting community service, civic engagement, and service-learning in higher education.

Volunteer Opportunities for Students

The Campus Compact Center can help students, faculty, and staff members who wish to volunteer in the Hancock County community. A weekly newsletter of current one-time and ongoing local volunteer opportunities is available through the Campus Compact Center. A list of local community partners is available on the Campus Compact Center’s website. The following are examples of volunteer projects:

Orientation Service Project

In August during Orientation weekend, new students along with faculty and staff of The University of Findlay volunteer at many local non-profit agencies, churches, and schools. The Orientation Service Project introduces all first-year students to the community while meeting the local community’s needs at the same time.

On-Campus Volunteer Opportunities

The Campus Compact Center provides on-campus volunteer opportunities for students. These volunteer opportunities are convenient for UF students and give students the opportunity to give back to their campus community.

Off-Campus Volunteer Opportunities

The Campus Compact Center advertises volunteer opportunities to the UF community. These volunteer opportunities allow for the UF community to give back to the local community through a variety of one-time events (such as non-profits’ special events) and ongoing opportunities (such as tutoring programs).

Student Group Volunteer Projects

Many student groups participate in one-time and ongoing volunteer projects. The Campus Compact Center helps student organizations, athletic teams, and residence life groups make connections to the Hancock County community.

Co-Curricular Service-Learning

Co-curricular service learning is a form of experiential learning in which students participate in meaningful service to their communities while engaging in some sort of reflection related to the service and social justice/social issues that are addressed by the service provided. The Campus Compact Center provides both local and national co-curricular service-learning opportunities.

Alternative Spring Break Program Co-Curricular Service-Learning

Each year during the designated spring break session, UF students, accompanied by faculty and staff, participate in an “alternative spring break” program designed to provide them with the opportunity to meet local, state, or national community needs through service. Past experiences have provided students the opportunity to work with youth and elders in community centers in major cities and to participate in Habitat for Humanity building projects across the country. Students participate in these co-curricular service-learning experiences by investigating the social issues they address and the communities they serve as well as by reflecting on their service experiences through written reflection, group dialogues, and group activities.

For More Information

Please contact the Campus Compact Center at or 419-434-6671 for more information about these programs.