Department of Language and Culture

Chair of Language and Culture: Laverick

Professor: Reed

Associate Professors: Fennema-Bloom, Kawamura, Laverick, Perez-Gamboa

Assistant Professor: Beck

Assistant Professor of Teaching: Muñoz

Instructors of Teaching: Bentley, Brandt, Gensler, Mott, Smith-Romick, Violette, Welch

A Bachelor of Arts degree is granted for completion of baccalaureate programs within the Department of Language and Culture.

Baccalaureate Programs:

Multi-age Japanese (teaching license in Japanese; offered in conjunction with the College of Education)

Multi-age Spanish (teaching license in Spanish; offered in conjunction with the College of Education)



Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


Intercultural Studies

International Studies


Second Language Education


Certificate Program:

English as an International Language

The mission of the Department of Language and Culture is to promote global/intercultural perspectives at The University of Findlay and beyond. The department offers academic programs such as foreign languages, bilingual/multicultural education, and international studies. The department is committed to providing services and resources to the community. The academic programs of the department help students develop cultural and linguistic skills that will enable them to interact effectively with diverse groups of people. The importance of these skills is ever increasing in today’s global society.

Training for students extends beyond campus to local communities, studying abroad, and cross-cultural and international internships. Students are strongly encouraged to apply their bilingual/multicultural skills and knowledge to a broad range of disciplines and professions.