Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Chair of Visual and Performing Arts: Escobedo

Professors: Louden-Hanes, Taylor

Associate Professors: Beekman, Corle, Escobedo, Kontar

Assistant Professors: Jung, Sage, Walling

Instructor of Teaching: Cunningham

Part-time Assistant Professor: McCandless

Part-time Faculty: Abrams, Anders, Ashmore, Bitz, Briggs, Buzzelli, Carey, Dabney, Damschroder, Hoyt-Brackman, Leaman, McCoy, Napierala, Neel, Newell, Salis, Sycks

A Bachelor of Arts degree is granted for completion of baccalaureate programs in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts.

Baccalaureate Programs:


Art Management

Children’s Book Illustration

Graphic Design

Multi-Age Visual Arts (Age 3 – Grade 12)

Theatre - Performance Emphasis

Theatre - Production Design and Technology Emphasis



Art History

Graphic Design

Musical Arts