EDCI 532 Integrated Language Arts Methods for Middle Childhood and Adolescent/Young Adult

This course includes an overview of the middle childhood and adolescent/young adult reading and language arts curriculum, based on the state and national standards. Included will be an investigation of methods in listening/visual literacy, oral communication, creative dramatics and writing as well as language acquisition and development, grammar, dialects and usage. Students will be required to keep logs/journals, prepare lessons and assessments and analyze the classroom and their instruction using College of Education criteria. A second methods course (EDCI 531, EDCI 533 or EDCI 534) should also be taken if the candidate is seeking a middle childhood license. The Level 2 portfolio requirement is attached to this class for middle childhood candidates.




EDFI 503 (post-baccalaureate), EDFI 504, EDFI 560; EDIS 509; EDCI 528 and EDCI 529