EDSP 633 Mentoring and Coaching Teachers

This course will prepare teacher leaders to assume leadership roles at the school, district, state or national levels and in professional organizations. Candidates will learn ways to use knowledge of professional standards, including the Standards for Ohio Educators, to support teachers' professional growth. They will explore the skills and competencies needed to teach, mentor and coach adult learners. They will develop, implement, evaluate and engage in professional development activities for teachers that promote reflective practices like learning communities. They will examine professional, ethical behavior and determine ways to model it and support it in others. The research foundation for the course will be drawn from Invitational Theory and Practice, Social-Emotional Learning and the adult education literature. Participants will be required to develop a series of professional development modules that incorporate strategies and techniques for teaching adult learners. This course has a field experience requirement of 90 hours of work with a principal, curriculum specialist or staff developer on building- or district-level professional development.