Academic Services

Academic Support Center

The mission of the Academic Support Center is to provide opportunities through classes, tutoring, advising, mentoring, and specialized programs for all students to be academically successful at The University of Findlay and to collaborate with faculty, staff, and administrators to address the learning needs and academic performance of students for the purpose of student retention.

The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides, free of charge, a variety of academic support programs to on-campus and online students enrolled at The University of Findlay. Peer tutoring is available in writing for all courses, math, chemistry, biology, physics, and animal science, as well as accounting, economics, and finance, are covered each semester. Tutoring is provided in a variety of other courses each semester to cover student needs. Study skills courses are taught in both a one-hour and a three-hour format and provide students with study strategies to improve academic performance, and self-management skills to help students achieve greater potential in college and life. Individual study skills counseling related to academic performance is offered on such topics as time management, textbook reading, note taking, memorization, test taking skills, and test anxiety reduction. Special programs in study strategies and academic learning can be tailored to meet the needs of faculty and organizations on campus. The ASC also works in conjunction with the Office of Accommodation and Inclusion and the Oiler Success Center to provide students with appropriate support services.

Faculty Advisers

The system of faculty advisers is an essential part of the personalized education at The University of Findlay. When students enroll, they are assigned a faculty adviser who will guide them in developing an educational plan to their best advantage. Advisers counsel students each semester concerning choice of courses, future academic plans, and career goals.

Center for Career and Professional Development

The mission of the Center for Career & Professional Development is to actively engage the University of Findlay students and alumni by guiding, educating and empowering them through experiential learning and professional development opportunities.

The Center for Career & Professional Development offers:

  • Assistance with internship and job search
  • Résumé and cover letter writing
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Job fairs, on-campus interviews
  • Class presentations
  • Professional headshots
  • Instructional videos

The Career Closet is an additional resource available to UF students through the Center for Career & Professional Development. Professional attire can be rented for an interview, job fair or special event for a small fee.

For additional information, e-mail or call 419-434-5874.

Office of Accommodation and Inclusion

The purpose of the Office of Accommodation and Inclusion is to provide reviews and to determine appropriate services for students with disabilities as well as provide the framework within which specialized services are fulfilled and monitored. The Office of Accommodation and Inclusion works closely with all offices on campus to coordinate appropriate services.

Specific services the Office of Accommodation and Inclusion can coordinate include note takers, sign language interpreters, tape recorders, extended time on tests, minimal-distraction testing area, letters of introduction to faculty, student advocacy, temporary disability plans, and campus orientations. Books on tape, student tutors, and adaptive housing are also available.

Oiler Success Center

The mission of the Oiler Success Center is to centralize efforts for the advocacy and persistence of students, actively participate in their progression toward graduation, and help each student achieve success. Located on the first floor of Old Main, the Oiler Success Center includes the following:
Academic Advising: The Office of Academic Advising provides direction/assistance in major exploration, educational goals, and life goals so that students can create a plan of success to achieve these goals. Provides proactive help to students that are having academic issues in order to give them the chance to succeed.

Career Planning: The Office of Career Planning provides the opportunity for students to assess their career interests and explore the major programs and career fields that are best suited to their individual strengths through counseling, career classes, workshops, and career information resources. The office also provides academic advising for incoming first-year students who are undeclared/undecided majors and currently enrolled students who are changing majors.

Ombudsman: The campus Ombudsman guides students toward solving problems and fostering awareness of college services and resources.

Orientation: Orientation is designed to help students settle into campus life, meet other new students, and engage in the campus community. All first-time undergraduate students to the University of Findlay (First-Time Freshman, Transfers, Non-Traditional, Commuter, etc.) should attend a virtual orientation and in-person orientation.

Starfish: Starfish Early Alert system puts students at the center of a connected campus community where their Success Network (advisers, professors, coaches, and more) can work together to assist students in meeting their goals. Starfish support, training, and information can be found in the Oiler Success Center.

Success & Persistence: The Oiler Success Center provides opportunities for personalized faculty support as well as study skills courses or personalized sessions to provide students with study strategies to improve academic performance, and self-management skills. The Oiler Success Center guides students through the leave of absence and/or total withdrawal process when medically or personally necessary, and assisting with the re-entry process when a student is ready to return.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers four different appointments: in-person, email, live online, and drop-ins. Get help at the Writing Center at any stage of the writing assignment--brainstorming, outlining, writing, revising, and citing sources. Find support for a variety of projects, such as literature reviews, analysis essays, posters, and presentations. Avoid procrastination and stay motivated by working with a well-trained peer in a low-pressure environment. The Delong Writing Center is located in the Center for Student Life and College of Business (CBSL) room 135.

Student Responsibility Statement

The responsibility for planning academic programs rests largely with the student. Students must study the catalog and academic announcements carefully and arrange to take the required courses at the proper time. However, the services of faculty advisers, college deans, and the director of career planning are available to students.

It is the responsibility of the student to a) acquire the information needed to assume final responsibility for course scheduling, program planning, and the successful completion of all graduation requirements; b) seek the academic and career information needed to meet educational goals; c) become knowledgeable about the relevant policies, procedures, and rules of the University, college, and academic program; d) be prepared with accurate information and relevant materials when contacting the faculty adviser; e) consult with a faculty adviser at least once a semester to decide on courses, review the accuracy of the degree audit, check progress toward graduation, and discuss the suitability of other educational opportunities provided by the University.