The possession, manufacture, transfer, sale, or use of weapons by anyone on University property, which includes personal vehicles, or at any University event, without the written authorization of The University of Findlay, is expressly prohibited. Likewise, the possession, manufacture, transfer, sale, or use of weapons is prohibited while conducting University business, whether or not on University property, or at a University sponsored event. This prohibition exists whether or not a federal or state license to possess a weapon has been issued to the possessor.

Weapons are defined as any device or substance that is designed, used, or likely to be used to cause bodily harm, or property damage. Included are firearms, which are defined as any gun, rifle, pistol, handgun or device designed to fire bullets, BBs, pellets, or shots (including paint balls), or other projectiles, regardless of the propellant used. Other weapons include but are not limited to taser/stun guns, knives with fixed blades, switchblades, spring-loaded knives, pocket knives with blades longer than 3 1/2 inches, kitchen utensils not used for their intended purpose, martial arts weapons, bow and arrows of any type, swords, brass knuckles, sling shots, explosives, or incendiary devices.

This prohibition includes other items deemed to be dangerous by UF Campus Police/ Security Office, including but not limited to hazardous chemical or biological material of any sort, displays or collections of the weapons, ornamental weapons and ornamental ammunition. Prohibited items are subject to the immediate removal of the weapon from University property or at the University event.

Any member of the University community who observes an individual possessing, manufacturing, transferring, selling, or using a weapon and who reasonably believes that the individual is doing so without the consent of the University of Findlay should immediately report this to UF Campus Police/ Security Office. Likewise, any member of the community who observes unattended items they reasonably believe to be weapons should also immediately contact UF Campus Police/ Security Office with a description and location of these items.

The only exceptions to this policy are:

1.   Authorized law enforcement officers or authorized military personnel, acting on behalf of and within the scope of their official duties, and to the extent they are legally permitted to possess weapons in the State of Ohio.

2.   Persons legally permitted to possess weapons in the State of Ohio, to the extent that such possession is necessary as a part of an academic, research, or work-related activity. Such use must have received prior written approval by the UF Chief of Police.