ENGL 495 Technical Communication Internship

This course offers supervised work and learning experience in technical communication under the direction of a faculty member of the Department of English and an employee of a participating firm. Ten to 40 hours a week of student time are expected during the internship. Students may be compensated for their internship at the discretion of the employing firm. Students are encouraged to complete their internships during the summer semester, but they may also do so during the fall and spring semesters. Enrollment is contingent upon availability of internships. Students are selected on the basis of personal qualifications, including GPA, courses taken, recommendations, and an interview. This course will be graded S/U and may be repeated with a maximum of 15 semester hours applying toward a degree.




ENGL 210, ENGL 272, ENGL 301, ENGL 314, ENGL 321, ENGL 350, ENGL 415; cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better at the end of the preceding semester; 3.0 GPA or better in all major requirements completed prior to the internship; minimum of 30 semester hours from The University of Findlay