ESOH 207 DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Training (AHTC)

This course is structured for participants to learn the basic hazardous materials transportation regulations (49 CFR), and how to apply them to daily operations involving any of the four transportation modes (air, water, rail, highway). Training covers hazardous materials package selection, use, marketing, and labeling, proper shipping name, hazard class, UN/NA identification numbers, and packaging group for shipping paper preparation. Additional considerations for hazardous waste, hazardous substances, marine pollutants, and inhalation hazard poisons are studied. Training topics include: UN Performance Packaging Standards (HM-181), hazardous material identification, DOT Hazard Communication, how to use the hazardous materials table, hazardous material incident notices/reporting, page loading/unloading, and UN Recommendations HM-215A.