ESOH 400 Environmental Permitting and Reporting

This course is an advanced application course which studies the preparation and analysis of air and water permits and the preparation of quarterly and annual reports, all of which are submitted to state and federal regulators. Students examine and complete various federal and state permit applications regulating air contaminant sources, surface water discharges, discharges to sanitary sewers, and storm-water discharges. The course also requires the study of annual generator hazardous waste reports, hazardous chemical inventories, toxic release inventories, and the requirements associated with accidental release reports under the Clean Water Act, the Comprehensive Environmental Responses Compensation and Liability Act, and the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act. The course also studies the regulatory enforcement process associated with an entity's noncompliance with permits and reports, including the administrative and judicial processes, penalty calculations, and negotiations.




ESOH 300 or permission of the instructor