Experiential Learning

Community-Urban Field Experiences and Internships

The following represents the minimum standard for awarding Internship/Community-Urban Field Experience (CUE) credit:

  • Internships/CUE should be based on a new experience and not an extension of a current or past job.
  • It is recommended that a student complete at least 50 hours of internship/CUE for each hour of credit.
  • A credit-bearing internship/CUE is supervised by a faculty, department, or program.
  • An internship/CUE requires an academic component based on a reflection of a student’s academic experience.
  • Typically, the prerequisite for an internship/CUE is a minimum GPA of 2.75 and at least 30 hours at The University of Findlay. Please refer to the course descriptions for specific course prerequisites.
  • An internship/CUE will be graded S/U.
  • When, in the opinion of the faculty and job supervisor, an intern’s work is “passing” but of sub-standard quality, a reduction may be made in the number of credit hours earned.
  • Students may not apply more than 15 semester hours obtained by internships/CUE toward a degree. This policy does not pertain to field work or clinical training.

Please contact the program of interest for additional information regarding internship/CUE opportunities.

Buford Center for Diversity and Service

The Buford Center for Diversity and Service promotes an inclusive and belonging campus environment by offering experiences and programs that seek to provide growth in the areas of intercultural relations, international engagement, social justice, and service. The Center hosts the following three offices which are committed to this work.