Community-Urban Field Experiences and Internships

The following represents the minimum standard for awarding Internship/Community-Urban Field Experience (CUE) credit:

  • Internships/CUE should be based on a new experience and not an extension of a current or past job.
  • It is recommended that a student complete at least 50 hours of internship/CUE for each hour of credit.
  • A credit-bearing internship/CUE is supervised by a faculty, department, or program.
  • An internship/CUE requires an academic component based on a reflection of a student’s academic experience.
  • Typically, the prerequisite for an internship/CUE is a minimum GPA of 2.75 and at least 30 hours at The University of Findlay. Please refer to the course descriptions for specific course prerequisites.
  • An internship/CUE will be graded S/U.
  • When, in the opinion of the faculty and job supervisor, an intern’s work is “passing” but of sub-standard quality, a reduction may be made in the number of credit hours earned.
  • Students may not apply more than 15 semester hours obtained by internships/CUE toward a degree. This policy does not pertain to field work or clinical training.

Please contact the program of interest for additional information regarding internship/CUE opportunities.