Department of Physical Sciences

Chair: Yu

Professor: Yu

Associate Professor: Tice

Assistant Professors: Bascal, Bellavia, Emmert, Frye, Jenson, Wild

Assistant Professor of Teaching: Summers

Instructors of Teaching: Beres, Grine

A Bachelor of Science degree is granted for baccalaureate programs in the Department of Physical Sciences.

Baccalaureate Programs:

Chemistry (recommended for students interested in medical school)



Related Programs Housed in Other Colleges:

Forensic Science (College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)

Medical Laboratory Science (College of Health Professions)

Nursing (College of Health Professions)

Students with specialized interests may develop individualized majors in consultation with their advisers.

Competency Requirements

All students at The University of Findlay must demonstrate a basic level in reading, writing, computer science, and communication.